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Where parents, community leaders & aspiring educators can access the world's only video library of expertise designed specifically so those without educational training can help children excel.

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Children spend 85% of their time

outside the classroom.

So, take an active approach to

your child's education.

Don't help them with one subject,

help them with all subjects.

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"The best thing? It actually worked and was quick to grasp. I was able to try the techniques each evening and started to see positive results right away."

<p><span class="text-sm">Michelle France</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Mother of 3 - Canterbury, UK</span></p>

Michelle France

Mother of 3 - Canterbury, UK

"The early years videos helped me understand the stages of my girls' learning development. Plus it gave them a great boost before starting school."

<p><span class="text-sm">Ché Hashim</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Father of 2 - San Francisco, US</span></p>

Ché Hashim

Father of 2 - San Francisco, US

"I’m married to a teacher & even I don’t find it easy with my 8 & 10 year old. This didn’t preach or complicate the process and helped me with lots of ideas to try out."

<p><span class="text-sm">Cathy Sethi</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Mother of 2 - London, UK</span></p>

Cathy Sethi

Mother of 2 - London, UK

True expert material
True expert material

Learn directly from a wide range of experts who have over 100 years of collective educational knowledge from schools, universities and homes.

New content every month
New content every month

Not only do we have 1000s of videos awaiting you on sign-up, more courses are added every month to make sure you always have the most up-to-date info.

Pick your focus
Pick your focus

Use Guide+ on your terms to meet your own goals. Be that casual viewing, CPD accreditation, or achieving qualifications.

Guide+ on every format.

Our content is available on all popular devices so you can watch on your TV, mobile device, your favourite streaming box or on your computer. 1000s of videos at your fingertips on any format.

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We need educators.

The UN predict we'll be 68 million teachers short by 2030 and the coronavirus pandemic has put 10s of millions of students behind in their learning. Every adult needs to have key teaching skills to help learners at home, with family, in communities as well as teaching formally in schools.

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" The real positive has been knowing what and how

my children are learning, but even better has been learning with them! "

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