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Why is Guide+ such good value?

We're very glad you asked. It helps to know a little about how education courses, qualifications, and accreditations work.

Our Founder, Leon, who has taken people through all our courses explains it simply in this series of videos below.

Guide+ contains £20,000 of course knowledge for less than 1% *

[* when paid annually]

Understanding qualification levels.

Many of our videos are from courses we charge individually for. By understanding the course level and where it sits in the world of education qualifications you can see why certain courses have more value than others. In this video Leon explains the course and level rating system.


Detaching accreditation from qualifications.

In this video, Leon talks about how we managed to give you so much content for such a low price by detaching the expensive items from the courses and qualifications but ensuring all the content quality remained.


Quality and quantity.

In this video we explain how your investment in this course isn't just about the videos you found on the sign up. Like most video subscription services you will be getting more content every month. Unlike other video subscription services, all our videos are made in-house, and thus will ALWAYS be available. On top of this you will also have access to live content every week from Q4 2021.