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Since 2016, Guide Education have been dedicated to making learning of all kinds as efficient and accessible as possible. Founded by the youngest school Headteacher in the UK to achieve Ofsted 'Outstanding', we are built on the ethos that potential is everywhere. We exist to help everyone meet that potential.

All passionate adults can help children learn better.

Our products have been used by over half a million students, in over 800 schools around the world. We learned what works, we know this content in your hands can make huge changes in how we all interact with the children we love.

We're parents and teachers too.

We also work with children in communities, in sports settings and generally love the blighters, even when they're grown up! Adults deserve a chance to use Guide+ as well.

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We are proud to have had the opportunity to discuss our educational focus with news outlets from around the world. This way we can share what really makes a difference and how we can all help the younger generation succeed.

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Our Founder & CEO, Leon Hady, always uses our reputation and position in the learning industry to fight for the educational future of, not just our clients, but all learners.

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