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"This really helps me to support my children with their learning through fun and engaging tasks"

"The positive from this course has been seeing what my children are learning and learning with them."

"This improves my skills in so many different areas to be better at delivering overall learning."

"I see now I have to take time to check that my children can answer questions to check their understanding of a task before letting them get on with it."

"I like using these techniques to get my child's attention, I use the word don't too much at home I think. I'm going to stop"

"Sharing the input session for each activity works well. I've learned I need to be more patient when working through the tasks my children find more challenging."

"After watching these videos I was be able to reflect and re-evaluate learning with the inclusion of my child."

"Learning at home with my child is a challenging task for any mum and dad, us included. The good thing from these videos is we both learn at the same time and we are having quality time together. The challenge is how to change our child's mindset that their home is also their school as they are just as, if not more, comfortable here."

"I like that my children have a more one-to-one learning experience and that we can learn together through this course."

"What I previously found challenging was getting into a routine and actually getting my children to focus and take me seriously. This has given me the confidence to truly believe I can help them learn whereas prior to trying this I totally doubted myself. "

"I have enjoyed the fact that I am more engaged with his learning thanks to this course and it is very rewarding when he grasps a concept. Motivation is a challenge."

"I didn't think this was important, but it's been a useful reminder to provide praise and not just on academic successes. My son is responding so much better now."

"I know now redirection is a very helpful tool to help maintain a child's focus."

"It's taught me to focus on the whole, not just the big things, acknowledge small things as well. My kids are waiting for my opinion now, not dismissing me"

"Loved learning about redirection, allowing the child to make an appropriate choice."

"For me, the key takeaways were guidance on clear concise questions - this led to better understanding and less confusion and more motivation."

"Working with all my kids, I can see every child is affected by different issues which can affect their learning. They learn in a positive and engaging manner which they can learn from you modelling the behaviour. After this course, I now see myself as a role model for my kids."

"Having prepared for the lessons will help me be more specific in my instructions."

"I love helping my children learn from home and getting an insight into the different teaching methods used in different year groups from the videos. I am very fortunate to have time to dedicate to home learning and have found my children to be very accepting and, on the whole, enthusiastic about home learning.

"It's made me more creative. When coming up with descriptive sentences I often suggest things related to things found in video games, cats, the universe etc. which I know my son enjoys.

"This is great as I can learn from the experience of others and use it to help provide me ideas and work out what works best for my son."

"I now ensure my son has enough sleep and is comfortable before attempting to teach ands I now ask him to repeat back my instructions rather than simply ask, "Do you understand?"

"I've learnt to avoid using negative language and ensure I have the attention of my son before trying to communicate my message."

"I now see the tone in which you speak and your body language is having a big impact on the effectiveness of my communication. "

"Things that have made a huge difference at home thanks to this:

- I ask more open questions, i.e. how, what, why, where, when

- Provide instruction via small simple steps

- Provide positive feedback

- How the skills apply to the real world/my son

- Be a role model in communication and behaviour"

"My son does not enjoy and is not the best at writing, but it has been lovely to see him choosing to write more frequently, even if it is a little difficult to read! I wouldn't have been able to do this without what I learned"

"The videos have provided an opportunity to get to know my son better and my love of learning new things will rub off on him a little."

"Now, where learning happens I can confidently reduce the distractions that get in the way of my son's learning. As suggested I've also begun to keep track of what is and isn't successful, not only can that be used to improve how I support my son, but it also highlight the successes, helping to motivate me."

"This has shown me that reflection is important. Don't beat yourself up if something isn't working - adapt it."

"I'm now showing my kids that I am actually listening to them and makes all the difference."

"It has really helped with all this home learning - lifesaver. "

"Working with your child instead of against them is better"

"Enjoyable and truly understanding what my daughter understands is special"

"Very informative. I have learned a lot of new techniques that have helped me and my children become less frustrated with home learning, and we use it outside of learning situations too"

"I can apply this advice to most tasks that they have to do. I just need to be creative and think outside the box. Like getting them to be a news reporter finding information in text they have read or being like a teacher and explaining how to solve a maths problem to their siblings"

"It has shown me it is important to reflect on any disagreements and discuss with my children why it happened to help both me and them move on and not repeat the same thing.

"It's helped us both to be aware of the triggers, it is important so that you can identify when you are going to get frustrated and hopefully discuss the situation before it escalates."

"Checking that the children understand a task properly is something that I have been doing more, having them explain it back to me has really helped them take it in better. We use the scaffold method a lot anyway especially in maths but it is important to remove that help at the right point as it learnt from sept that they do end up relying on you too much."

"I can see now that I have to highlight the good behaviour however small it is. This gives encouragement and extra confidence to the children. They feel you are paying attention to them and try harder to please you and do the right thing."

"When the children are arguing I now try to redirect them back to their work by highlighting how well they have done so far, it really works."

"I like it all, and the children like using brainstorming as we put the idea in the middle then they then think and write ideas or notes down "

"What I found most interesting is to make worldly links to work as it will allow children to take in more information. This makes a lot of sense as the child is able to see how to use this knowledge in the world and also understand why it is important to learn the information."

"The video also mentioned taking frequent breaks rather than pushing the child to finish large tasks in one sitting. I have attempted to finish all the work by end of school hours; however, as the video mentioned, home is not school. The environment is quite different."

"It was all informative and some great ideas which are simple but effective. I feel this makes things smoother."

"My youngest sister is in year 3 and so far we have done 3 days of homeschooling. I work full time and try to support her at the same time. These videos have really helped me work with her. There are many challenges so far. For example, as she is quite young, she does struggle focusing for long periods of time and also needs support when using the laptop as she is yet to fully be IT literate. As a young child she also asks many questions, often before fully thinking of the answer herself. She is a bright student and when she puts a bit of thought into it, she does have the answers, but she needs to learn to think before being told. By far the biggest challenge is that I cannot provide her 100% of my attention. She understands fully that I will provide the support if and when she needs it, I feel more able to thanks to the information the parent course has provided."

"Thanks to these videos, I was able to redirect their behaviour by handing them a pencil each and helping them with their work, guiding them to make the right choice "

"The other day I used the scaffolding method and showed my grandkids how to use the number line and then I used the old fashioned way to work a sum out "

"Easy when someone finally tells you - We have done several single requests and Both boys seem to find simple instructions much easier than if you were to use a long a difficult request "

"We have tried many real-world tasks - like getting dinner plates out in the evening and trying maths to count as they go along which they really enjoy"

"Super educational research helps as it will give you all the learning and understanding of the things you don’t know about "

"I've changed a lot now thanks to this - I'm keener to give hugs, kisses and praise. Take photos and videos to share their achievements and activities they do with others."

"I find getting my youngest's attention a struggle at times, so using the 'time steps' really helps and he is much more eager to hear what I have to say."

"It's so simple now - When using 'positive words' I got a positive outcome. Instead of using NO using shall we I found esp my youngest listened more and relaxed the situation."

"Thanks to guidance on the videos, after sitting my daughter down today and explaining a maths concept she went off and completed the rest by herself. She was extremely proud of her work, and gave her lots of positive feedback."

"It's difficult at first but easy when you know how. Ensuring they feel comfortable learning at home is a positive but staying concentrated can be difficult for my children "


"Biggest difference for me: GIVE A CHILD THE TIME TO ANSWER"


"I now try to use a lot more praise for completed tasks. I continue to break things down step by step but I am more aware of the language I use, I get much less negativity back which causes much less frustration for everyone."

"This helps to build my eldest son's self-confidence when he finds work challenging. It helped my children enjoy learning more and we've built a positive family life through learning. "

"This helps and supports them through every step of their work and for them wanting to learn "

"I found home learning challenging due to trying to keep three children engaged and focused. But after trying a few of these techniques they have produced some lovely work, so that's a positive."

"I've really learned to tailor things to your child's specific needs. Adapting , tweeking and filtering resources to match the ways each child learns best and what they can relate to."

"The main challenge has been trying to help 3 different children of different ages. Learning how to split my time fairly and make sure each child is getting the attention they need at the right time has been great.

Positives have been spending more time with the children and knowing the types of subjects they enjoy and are most confident in. Now I can be more proactive."

"On a positive, it's been great to spend more time with my son, its really interesting to see how he improves and learns when I try to put the learning into action. Though keeping him interested, concentrating and not wanting to do the normal 'daddy' things has been hard, I can now create an environment where he knows its learning time and not playtime has been a challenge."

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