Helping parents, community leaders and would-be teachers.

The pandemic showed us the educating power of our wider society as learners, parents, community leaders and even celebrities all joined the effort to help learning continue as schools moved away from face to face learning to hybrid and distance learning models.

Parents admirably rose to the challenge armed with little more than memories of what and how they were taught in school, but now with many countries returning to normal, parents and community leaders have seen the need for the basics of the teaching profession to become better understood and easier to access by all.

At Guide Education, we saw this unfold every step of the way and were proud to be part to the solution. We offered our GCSE courses to students worldwide for free and created as bespoke course for parents when the 2nd lockdown struck in the UK. Gaining thousands of users and hundreds of messages of thanks, we worked with those parents to better understand how we could further support them in supporting learners.

The message was urgent and unequivocal: helps us know more about teaching

What shocked us most was the network of relationships involved. We'd assumed parents would be teaching their children, but it was a web of connection. Uncles and aunties and neighbours teaching students subject material they were assumed to be good at, guiding students through textbooks and schools work parents weren't just teaching their own children, but doing as much as they could for many they knew.

Just as well. With some schools still closed around the world and the first research on the impact of lost learning periods coming to the fore, Guide Education have developed Guide+, the perfect companion for every parent, community leader, schooll governor or coach, to get insight from expert teacher trainers on what teachers are taught.

Helping them understand the intricacies of learning theories, assessment theories, how teachers are trained to engage and communicate with children all the say through to actual teaching qualifications which they can access every part of, and if they wish upgrade their Guide+ subscription to add internationally recognised qualifications.

Guide Education are proud to offer Guide+ with over a thousands videos of high quality content gathered over yers and years of developing teachers in the UK and internationally. Guide Education work with hundreds of schools worldwide to develop teachers.

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