How does Guide+ work?

We’re calling time on private tutors that most people can’t afford, parent after-school classes that no-one wants to be at, and the piles of “how to” books which gather dust on the shelf.

There’s no-one better to motivate and inspire your kids to learn than the person who cares the most. You.

Who better to show you how kids learn, than the experts who’ve been there and taught them?

It's as easy as...1, 2, 3.

1. Choose your goals

You’re in charge.

Start at the beginning, or jump straight in at the deep end. You decide where, when and how fast.

2. Let's build your playbook

Whether you want to master one concept quickly, or get to grips with a few things at a gentler pace.

Try new things. Find what works. We’ll help you find the best way.

3. Start learning, in just 15 minutes per day

Guide+ videos are short, with easily digestible snippets. Watch one a day then test it out.

This will help you help your children, and you will see positive results.