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Where do I start?

We made Guide+ to help those without formal training know how to educate. Our expertise in training teachers around the world means you can take things at your own pace.


Find the perfect way to start educating. Your way.

We have split Guide+ into sections that meet your needs. They aren't exclusive, you can go wherever you want. Watch 1000s of videos, safe in the knowledge that the path through it all is tried, tested and mapped by experts.



Relax, we'll start

at your level.

Let's get you comfortable - this isn't a course. This is a library of items that cover the first 5 years of a typical teaching career BUT designed specifically for those without formal training.

How much of that do you need to know?

That's up to you.

How much can you choose to know?

As much as you want!

Discover your own way.

There are several route options and this depends very much on what you need to find.

Want to watch 30 minutes over a week?You can do that.

Want to spend a whole day mastering a concept?You can do that too.

We don't tell you what to do.We just help you find access routes & items that will help achieve the growth & improvement you want for YOUR beloved learners. You know them best.

Decide your level

of involvement.

Key areas of our superb content have been turned into Quick Starts for home & community educators, based on feedback from parents and communities in their hour of need. They sum up and align how to approach the content in the most relevant way.

Every section has a personalised introduction from a Guide expert as you begin your journey:


Learn in a way that suits you.

On the bus after work, a quick recap after putting the kids to bed, or binge for hours.

1000s of videos and 100s of years of collective knowledge and expertise are available to help you develop your loved ones.

The UN predict we'll be 68 million teachers short worldwide by 2030, there are years of lost learning to make up for post-pandemic, so please join us in making educators out of everyone, to give our children the future they deserve.

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After the Bell Rings,

our live shows.

From November 2021 our live broadcasts twice a week will get personal. These are subscriber-only events where you can talk to and question our course creators, getting the answers you need to your problems.

We will also be inviting expert guests from a range of disciplines to discuss and present the latest research on teaching and learning, parenting, sociology, psychology and of course, the cornerstone to all of this: relationships.

Hear what parents think.

"The best thing? It actually worked and was quick to grasp. I was able to try the techniques each evening and started to see positive results right away."

<p><span class="text-sm">Michelle France</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Mother of 3 - Canterbury, UK</span></p>

Michelle France

Mother of 3 - Canterbury, UK

"The early years videos helped me understand the stages of my girls' learning development. Plus it gave them a great boost before starting school."

<p><span class="text-sm">Ché Hashim</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Father of 2 - San Francisco, US</span></p>

Ché Hashim

Father of 2 - San Francisco, US

"I’m married to a teacher & even I don’t find it easy with my 8 & 10 year old. This didn’t preach or complicate the process and helped me with lots of ideas to try out."

<p><span class="text-sm">Cathy Sethi</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Mother of 2 - London, UK</span></p>

Cathy Sethi

Mother of 2 - London, UK

Get started now!

All you need to support learners, whatever your starting point.