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Frequently asked questions.

Who is Guide+ for?

We created Guide+ to make learning to teach easy.

It is intended mainly for parents, carers, grandparents and siblings. People who want to help with a child's education outside the classroom.

It can also be used by anyone who wants to have a positive influence on a child's education and schoolwork. So this can include those inside the classroom or other formal learning scenarios.

We have split the content into 3 areas:

  • Educating at home - parents, relations, elder siblings, tutors

  • Community educators - social workers, coaches, religious leaders, governors

  • Aspiring and skilled educators - people considering a career in education, new teachers, teaching assistants and current teachers requiring CPD or accredited qualifications (also see our schools product Guide Connect )

How will this work for a busy parent or carer?

Our courses are designed to support exactly that! We understand the pressures of a busy lifestyle and have created courses that allow for learning in bitesize chunks that are both accessible and easily digested.

More importantly the content is geared towards the most common problems parents and other educators face.

  • How do I know if my child understands?

  • How do I help them prepare for exams?

  • How can I prepare them for a new school?

  • What do I need to do to help them focus?

  • What can I do as a parent to help them learn easier?

All of this is 100% online, so you can watch and apply in your own time, and more importantly, videos, that you can come back to as many times as you need.

What should I expect to learn?

You will learn how to teach, not like teachers in a classroom, but to teach for the educational needs of your child specifically.

You should feel confident that we cover ALL aspects of child learning and education, for ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS.

The idea is to give you techniques that can be applied to ANY learning environment. The skills excellent teachers know and apply every day. So your child can learn any subject, not just one or two.

We combine our teaching content with subject-specific information (math, English, science) and specialised know-how such as behaviour, mental health, social skills, relationships and much more.

Check out our library.

Who creates the content?

Highly experienced teachers, parents, educational experts, and professors from around the world.

Our founder, Leon Hady, is a former headteacher of a UK Gov rated 'outstanding' school. This means he has excellent knowledge of teaching, learning and education. Leon has ensured that all content has been produced by qualified professionals that possess many years of experience and are qualified the highest educational standards.

Our educational professionals come from all sides of the learning spectrum. Please see our Team page.

How does this work alongside my child's traditional school and classroom education?

Our content is not designed to rival or compete with schools and normal classwork.

Guide+ helps you learn how to teach your children so you can help them with whatever they need to understand, to support their learning process 'after the bell rings.'

If our content is used as intended, it will help schools, because parents and children will have a more informed approach to their education, resulting in a smaller gap between teacher jargon and parents who feel they’re unqualified to access teaching and learning content.

Parents can and should be a positive influence on their child's learning. With Guide+ it's easy.

I'm not in the UK, is this information still relevant?

Absolutely! Our expert videos have been created by experts from around the world and are relevant for learning in a range of contexts so no matter where you are, you can feel confident that you have access to evidence-based research.

Teaching, learning, social skills, communications, relationships...these are all similarly taught and learned around the world. We've just put them all in the same place to make it easy for you to help your children.

How often is the content updated?

We are adding courses on a monthly basis. Subscribers will be sent weekly email updates about new content, upcoming live sessions and new experts that join us.

Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter pages if you aren't already using Guide+, or just sign up for our FREE package to start using Guide+ and stay in the loop.

How do I sign up for Guide+?

Click here, select your package and you can get started straight away.

Not sure about paying right away? Sign up for our FREE package and check it out with no risk or credit card needed.

How do I know I'm using Guide+ correctly?

There is no right or wrong way. We've curated the content into the most common problems and goals parents have when it comes to helping their children learn.

We've provided expert solutions based on teaching theory but made it simple for those with minimal experience to understand and apply.

We know it can be daunting and so to begin with we encourage you to look at our quick start courses that give you a key insight into the foundations underpinning learning. From then, we’ll send you optional path ways, to provide you with the insight of possible routes you may want to take.

How does the 14 day money back guarantee work?

Guide+ will turn you into an educator perfectly suited to your child or those in your care. However we understand it isn't for everyone and we always say you must be committed to the process.

So if you change your mind, then contact us within 14 days of the date you purchase your subscription, and we’ll offer a full refund.

What does Guide+ give me?

The opportunity to create a life long learning relationship with your child that will bring untold joy and satisfaction as they reach their potential, forge successful careers and lead happy lives based on a solid foundation of education.

If everyone has some teaching skills we will be able to offer personalised support to children, reduce pressure on schools.

Guide+ is a comprehensive video library for anyone who has an interest or need in educating the children they are responsible for.

With the pandemic effects lingering across the world, parents and community leaders have a chance to get up to speed with education practice to help those children in their homes and communities affected by the pandemic.

Our expertise will cover everything from popular theories, to best practice with children to applying teacher skills in any situation. Basically, a must-have for anyone interested in the development of young people.

Why is Guide+ different from other education platforms?

Guide+ helps you learn how to teach, not like teachers in a classroom, but to teach for the educational needs of your child specifically.

It's not about sitting your child in front of an online lesson. We give YOU the skills to help your child learn anything.

Two-thirds of our content has been designed specifically for those without formal training in education. So we don't drown you in terminology, just offer simple techniques, systems and insider advice (in everyday language!) that you can apply to your real-life educational problems. At home, in social settings, in the classroom.

We also have content aimed at those considering a career in education, just starting, or those looking for some expert tips delivered in a simple and cost-effective way.

What is included in a membership?

Membership includes UNLIMITED access to ALL classes & ALL levels.

Weekly live sessions where you can ask our experts your own questions. All course updates are included. New monthly content is included.

Free tech support. Plus desktop, mobile, tablet and TV apps are all included.

How long are the videos?

The majority of videos are no longer than 4 minutes. This ensures we focus on 1 or 2 key concepts which makes it easier for you to understand and try out. Plus it doesn't take too long for you to come back and watch it again.

Don't forget you can watch on any device and save videos to your favourites to create personalised playlists that solve your problems.

What devices and platforms are supported by Guide+?

You can use Guide+ on any web browser, the site is also optimised for mobile devices.

Apps are available for iOS and Android. TV apps are available for Amazon Fire. Roku is coming soon.

"My chldren learn in a positive and engaging manner when they learn from modelling my behaviour. After this course, I now see myself as a role model for my kids."

"Guide+ taught me to focus on the whole, not just the big things, acknowledge small things as well. The kids are waiting for my opinion & guidance now, not dismissing me and struggling to focus."

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