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Everyone can teach.

The pandemic created millions of overnight educators.

Guide+ makes it easy.



Our story.

We started by training teachers...

CPD, qualifications, best practice; we do it and we're good at it. We work with nearly 1,000 schools worldwide supporting 15,000 teachers with training and qualifications. Then the pandemic changed everything.

We'd built products to help those who wanted a career in educating, but overnight, 'educating' was thrust on every parent and community leader worldwide.

Our tuition centre in the UK was inundated with frantic calls from parents on how to homeschool and we, as the experienced face to face and video educators that we are, did what we could...

...now we are supporting parents

& communities...

...so we made a free online course for parents. Within weeks, 1000s of parents registered and those 80 videos were called everything from a "lifeline" to an "utter relief".

Then, many started to ask for more: more advice, more tips, more help with educating at home and in communities. Not just parents, but grandparents, coaches, leaders and even elder siblings

asking all the questions that beginner teachers do...

... and making educators

of everyone.

... so we went back to the drawing board. Our school system, Guide Connect, is built on complex learning and mentoring loops that ensure teachers hit the required level of practice in their institution. But those processes all start with our bank of 1000s of videos, covering everything from the first day as a teaching assistant, to school-wide leadership.

We were suddenly faced with 100s of overnight emergency educators asking for more, so we shared our teacher focussed content.

It was what people were looking for. As one parent later told us: "after watching the videos and talking with my child in light of the content, I feel like I really get to KNOW my child, not just try to help them."

5 years' worth of

educating masterclasses.

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We gathered our content & mapped journeys from day one to university level knowledge. Tens of thousands of pounds of course information & wisdom made available for parents, community members and career educators - anyone who commits to helping unearth the potential in our youngsters, inside, outside and alongside our schools.

We know if we help an adult to learn, they can improve their own life, but if we help an adult to educate, then together we can empower an entire generation.

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" I found it challenging getting into a routine and actually helping the children to focus and take me seriously. Now I have the confidence to truly believe I can help them learn, where before Guide+ I totally doubted myself. "

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"My son does not enjoy and is not the best at writing, but it has been lovely to see him choosing to write more frequently, even if it is a little difficult to read! I wouldn't have been able to do this without what I learned here."

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